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Chicago Booth Angel Network of Texas

Smart Money for Early Stage Start Ups
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Who We Are


The Chicago Booth Angels Network (CBAN) of Texas was formed by Booth alumni in Texas who came together to identify and invest smartly in startups.  We focus on early-stage companies that are looking for a diverse and high caliber investors who can leverage their capital, expertise, and global networks to the advantage of the companies they invest in.  As part of the global CBAN organization, we also have access to the broader CBAN investor network.  Collegtively, we are able to bring far more value to our investment companies that the average venture capital fund.

 CBAN Texas is an inclusive organization that encourages all accredited* investors to consider participating in our investment opportunities and events.  We consider investing in businesses from anywhere in the United States, and invest in a broad range of industries.  


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Hubert Vaz-Nayak



Alex Lintott

Deal Origination


Rhett Plotner

Deal Origination


Sanjay Bhatia


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Eric Lewis





We invest in entrepreneurs who demonstrate a passion for what they do.  As alumni of one of the world’s leading business schools, we bring a significant amount of experience and a broad network of relationships to bear – resources that become available to our portfolio companies.  As a network based in Texas, we bring together investors from across our large state to participate in our investment opportunities.

What We Look For:

  • Passion:  We believe that passion for your "baby" demonstrates that you will do whatever it takes to ensure your success.

  • Compelling:  Your company's offering needs to have a compelling reason for being.  We prefer to invest in solutions that address a proven market need rather than companies that need to create a market.

  • Proven/Proving:  Your product or solution needs to be at a stage where it is proving itself in the market- basically you have at least one referencable customer/client using your solution.

  • Team:  You need to have some semblance of a team in place - dedicated to working on your start up.  Naturally, a proven track record is a big plus.

  • We Can Help:  While we are open to investing in a broad range of industries, we prefer to invest in companies where we can bring our network to bear - and help your company to success.

If you are interested in having your company be considered for our next pitch event, please submit your application by clicking on the button below.




Thank you for your interest in the Chicago Booth Angels of Texas.  We are an inclusive organization, and encourage all qualified accredited investors*+ to participate in our investment events.  If you don’t qualify as an accredited investor, you are still welcome to attend our pitch events and educational sessions.


Please contact us at if you have any questions.


* Accredited Investors as defined by the SEC 2019 ruling here, and recently expanded, with additional information available here.

+ While we are open to all accredited investors, the Board of CBAN-Texas reserves the right to deny investment participation to anyone who may not be an alumnus of The University of Chicago.


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Legal Disclaimer:  Chicago Booth Angels Network (the “Network”) chapters are affinity organizations and therefore not a part of The University of Chicago (the “University”). The University has no responsibility for information or materials you receive from or through the Network and you will not make any claim against the University relating to any such information or materials. Without limiting the foregoing, in no event does any information or materials you receive from or through the Network constitute an offer or solicitation to sell services or shares or units by the University and does not constitute investment advice from the University. The University will have no liability to you or anyone else in connection with any information or materials you receive from or through the Network.

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